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Byoma lands at Space NK

Future Beauty Labs has announced that its award-winning, breakthrough barrier care brand Byoma has launched into Space NK stores.

BYOMA launched in response to a direct consumer need for accessible, affordable, approachable skincare that boosts and rebuilds the skin barrier, creating a new category: Skin-Compatible Skincare. 

Born from the principle of being the building blocks to better skin, BYOMA has disrupted the status quo of over-treated, over-exfoliated skin with dermatologist approved skin barrier care that is driven by science, powered by actives for the ultimate skin-compatible solution.

Space NK shoppers are now able to shop the 13-piece collection, featuring a range of dermatologist-approved, clinically proven, science-backed formulas. Each of the SKUs are infused with a groundbreaking proprietary Tri-Ceramide Complex (combining ceramides, cholesterol, and fatty acids at a 3-1-1 ratio), plus handpicked active ingredients to boost, build, balance and brighten.

BYOMA’s barrier-health technology delivers molecular-level dermal repair, coupled with breakthrough efficacy in sustainable, disruptive packaging.

Shannon Monteith, Head of Category, Skincare at Space NK, says: “We are delighted to be launching Byoma at Space NK. The brand is still young but it’s already one of our most searched on Skincare, we know our customers will love it’s barrier boosting formulas!”

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