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Ivy Beauty is an innovative global leader in beauty care, with iconic brands such as i-ENVY, Red by Kiss, Ruby Kisses, Gold Finger, Kiss New York Professional, and Mad Shade sold in stores nationwide. Our innovative technology can be found in beauty care categories including hair appliances, hair care, cosmetics, eyelashes, eyewear, nail care, nail art, and manicure & pedicure tools for total beauty care.

Ivy Beauty has been serving the beauty care market for over 20 years since 1999. Our classic and trendy beauty products are designed in New York headquarters and marketed through 7 branch offices across the United States. The company’s innovative products are also available in over 27 countries globally. With our value-based philosophy, Ivy Beauty will continue to provide the ultimate customer satisfaction.

The ultimate customer satisfaction extends from NY headquarters to our manufacturing and distribution centers. Over 400,000 sq ft of the facilities in NJ and CA are only focusing on bringing top-quality products to the customers. With our passion to bring innovative beauty products to our customers, we continuously challenge ourselves for a better customer experience.

“Quality Management for Ultimate Customer Satisfaction”

A company’s growth and survival are determined solely by its customers.

We must develop and improve both our products and operational systems while being mindful of the customer’s perspective. Equipped with passion and readiness to face the challenges ahead, we will strive to recognize, prepare, and meet the needs of our customers.

Our corporate mission has been to provide salon-quality beauty products to consumers of all ages, gender, and skill levels, at price points that are reasonably accessible. With a heritage in fashion nails, we have leveraged our core values (innovative beauty solutions, high quality, accessible, great value) into other product categories. Strategically, we look to deepen penetration of various beauty products mainly through the beauty supply channel. Our major product ranges are artificial nails and tools, cosmetics, chemicals, eyelashes, and hair tools and accessories.